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Updating your network infrastructure

We’ll proactively monitor your network and resolve vulnerabilities before any damages take place.

"We would take a lightning strike and the switches were fine," says Mike ­Mc Allister, emergency services director.The four main factors that affect the scope (and price) of your project are: 1. Clearly, the variables in play can have drastic effects on the total cost of your network upgrade project.While the latter example is a rather extreme case, it is not at all outside of the realm of possibility.The fact of the matter is that every upgrade project is different, and you’ll need to get a customized quote to determine your specific investment.Hopefully, though, this will give you a better sense of where you may end up.And it’s not like we can avoid these kinds of projects ourselves—especially with two datacenters full of network hardware that it’s our duty to maintain. To explore average pricing, we’ll take a look at two (real) upgrade scenarios at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum: Scenario 1: Server Replacement for 10-person Organization This project is a fairly standard server upgrade, which included a brand new server, firewall, and switch.

When it comes time to trade in the old for the new, what can you expect to invest? Hardware, software, and labor investments combined for a total of around $16,000 ($7,000 of which went toward server hardware alone).

Maxwell IT analyzes your current infrastructure and creates a strategic plan that minimizes risks, prepares your team and meets compliance.

Our infrastructure security includes advanced hardware and software to protect the backbone of your organization.

As technology advances and cybercriminals find new and improved ways to access your confidential data, preparing for an attack is essential.

Being prepared begins with keeping your network secure.

The Elk County Emergency Services office in Pennsylvania has the fried network gear to prove it.