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Vivek oberoi dating

It was most damning statement against any Bollywood hero.

“It was like a fatwa was issued against me from the powers that be,” expressed Vivek.But then, Salman didn’t get along with Ranbir Kapoor and John Abraham either and they’ve both got work through the years.” He added, “Vivek only chose the worst films.The story between Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and their rivalry was going fine till Vivek Oberoi jumped into it, shot himself in the foot and retired hurt. The circumstances that life has made him go through has mellowed down Salman Khan quite a bit and you don’t see him speaking like this now.Lalita is a true hero cz she proves 2 1000s of acid attck survivors nationwide tht this isnt a full stp,jst a comma,lyf hs mny possibilities Nvoo Xf IE1— Vivek Anand Oberoi (@vivek_oberoi) May 23, 2017 They say charity begins at home. His parents, Suresh Oberoi and Yashodhara Oberoi, both have been working towards educating slum children and helping cancer patients for over three decades.His sister Meghna collects funds for donation by auctioning her artwork and after his marriage in 2010, his wife Priyanka Alva also became a part of his philanthropy work.Salman is sitting in the front row while Vivek gestures to him from the stage under full glare of the media cameras.

Main issue between Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi was that they both fall in love with same girl and she was none other than AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN.

An X-ray revealed that she had suffered a hair-line fracture in her ankle. Four days after the accident, Aishwarya stunned Bollywood by issuing a public statement saying that Salman had made her life hell.

In the statement, she alleged that Salman had abused her physically, scarred her mentally and was still hounding her to star in a movie with him. She issued the statement from the hospital bed through her manager Hari Singh.

Within a month of this incident, there will come the biggest blow on Salman Khan that will finally force him to severe all ties with Aishwarya.

Also, the incident will ensure that he will completely withdraw from Aishwarya and set her free.

Working for social causes and upliftment of the downtrodden, have given him more satisfaction than winning film awards.