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The specials sections gives you access to decent reductions on products available from Tencent’s online B2C platform (website in Chinese).

Then there is the We Chat newsfeed called “moments”.A report from January 2014 suggested that We Chat had 100 million registered overseas users.The app is available in 15 languages helping to drive expansion outside of China.I’ll look at some of the numbers behind We Chat, what it is primarily used for, the diverse ways it can be used and I’ll also look at its marketing potential.We Chat by numbers We Chat is created by Tencent a Chinese Internet company.So instead of adding one contact at a time a number of people in a room can add multiple contacts at the same time.

In the example above I was able to add four new contacts in a matter of seconds.

This lets you share a moment in your day with all your contacts.

And finally from a social point of view you can do what one of my colleagues said, “add a selfie”! The average user might only use We Chat as they do Facebook.

The services include mobile top up, a wealth section, ordering a taxi through your phone, buy movie tickets, split a bill, special deals exclusive to We Chat users on Tencent’s B2C online store, buying coins to play QQ games and giving friends and family ‘Hong Bao’.

Below I’ll look at some of these features in more detail.

Of the 15 people in the meeting 12 have We Chat on their smartphone. The user has an option to create an ID meaning that if they lose their phone or change phone number they can keep the same We Chat account. This is a brilliant feature and has more use than just being social.