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Werkheiser dating

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Very outgoing and funny along with his two best friends.Anxious to make it through middle school and somewhat lazy in classes, but gives the best advice. He is said to be cute, but very short in the first season.

Most notably, he is short throughout the series and everyone makes sure he knows it.Fellow aughts Nickelodeon/Disney stars Vanessa Hudgens and Devon Werkheiser.If you don’t recognize the latter’s name, he played the lead on the sitcom Throwback Thursday to pre-puberty, pre-twitter, pre-Kardashians. If you could tell your 12 year old self one thing what would it be?Watched @thisissigrid perform this song on James Cordon last night and she was so inspiring. Devon Werkheiser became a household name after playing Ned Bigby for several years on "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide." Since his Nickelodeon glory days, he's kept busy by making music, attending Burning Man and preparing a Life Survival Guide Series.Ned helps him through anything to survive in school.

The Killer Bees drove a wedge between them in Guide to Notes and Best Friends.

We love ride-or-die Hollywood friendships, especially when they survive the leap from childhood/teenagehood to adulthood.

One of these we didn’t really know about until just now but nonetheless are squeeing over?

Legendary Shots, known for their kick-ass trick shot videos, teamed up with Werkheiser to produce a "Ned's Declassified"-style video that ultimately makes every shot look super easy to achieve.

Werkheiser even makes one himself, and you can, too!

, where he portrays a musician who get stuck in an elevator with six other people.