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Who is deryck whibley dating 2016

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I was excited and into it from the minute he asked.It was probably the hardest secret to keep in my entire life. BROWNSOUND: The way Sum 41 have always kind of operated—if we get asked to do something special, we’re going to do something special for it. When I was approached, we were told we had to have a celebrity come out.

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I’m like, “Well, these have to be recorded.” There’s a whole pile of songs that need to be recorded again. Hopefully then it’s just done—unless I write two or three more that I’m like, “Oh my God, these For the next few months, it’s just writing and recording, and then I hope it should be getting ready to be done. I just really want to get back out on the road—I hate being in the studio. Whenever I write music—this is just before the words or any of the vocal melodies come to mind—when I’m just writing guitar and putting a track together, I write it as if I’m onstage in front of a lot of people. How do you think having Brownsound back in the mix is going to enhance and move Sum 41 forward?Brownsound (who’s played with Organ Thieves and Black Cat Attack, among others, during his Sum 41 break) is also getting busy practicing.“Right now, I have about a 20 or 30 song list to learn,” he says. Basically, [I’m waiting] until I get the call for rehearsal.”Earlier this week, Brownsound touched base with AP from Ajax, Ontario, while Whibley checked in separately from Las Vegas, where he was enjoying his bachelor party.When you’re a band touring around the world, you sort of leave the rest of the world behind. You get older, and you value your relationships with people a little bit more, and put in effort to try to talk to people. It would be one in the morning, and we’d say, “Let’s drive to Ottawa!But then over time, Dave and I started talking [over the phone]. ”—which is like a six-hour drive—and just see what happens. [Laughs.]When you have friends who knew you back then–back when you were just a dumb kid—there’s a special bond you don’t have with any other friends. We had so many of those stupid things that we would do that we laugh at still: “Remember when we were 15 and we did that?It’s like I’m 16, and I imagine the crowd out there. Tom is such a great musician all around—who knows [what] different colors and flavors we can add? The exciting thing is the unknown, if that makes any sense. And that’s exciting to be in that position, after this many years into your career. It feels like guitar could be really exciting with three people.

It’s like, we’ve done all this—now we’ve got something new to try out. What’s funny to me—I’ve had people come to me and say, “You know, guitar music is dying. These opportunities are presenting themselves.” Either you can roll with it, or not.

It was just water under the bridge—we never held any grudges or anything like that. We chatted about it for like ten minutes, and then we were right back quoting movies and talking about how much we like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino..] It’s exhaustion and being so desensitized to where I was.

Things like relying on my family and my home life to be this sanctuary—and then [after] coming home and realizing it wasn’t that, I kind of lost my mind a little bit. He’s very mellow and laid-back, and that’s exactly what I need in my life right now.

He kind of fought it and didn’t really want to do it, and finally after about two years, he decided to come play. So he stayed with us, and we went on to do whatever we went to do. When you find someone like that, you want to make sure you keep them around, because it’s so rare to find. I always feel like it’s a new band every time a new record comes out; it’s like you’re starting over.

Then, when he left and came back now 10 years later, it felt like that same thing when playing. And this time feels like we’re starting over, but I have so much confidence—this band kicks ass; it’s going to be great. Deryck, where are you with songwriting and recording in regards to the new album? Every time I think, “Okay, I’m pretty much done,” I write another one or two.

How difficult was it for you guys to keep that a secret?