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Who is dylan sprouse dating 2016

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Cole failed his permit test the first time he took it, while his brother Dylan passed.In early 2009, Cole backed his car into singer Ray J’s $160,000 Bentley.

Neither Cole nor Dylan care whether they are immature or not because they believe that you are only a kid once, so you should enjoy it while you can and have fun with it by being immature when the time is appropriate, and sometimes when it’s not.Cole says that Brian Stepanek who plays Arwin in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, is the one who makes him laugh the most on the show. Cole and Dylan are now doing seperate roles on TV shows and movies because they are beginning to look noticably different from each other. Cole and Dylan occasionally do a podcast on their official website.Cole and Dylan appeared on “Entertainment Tonight” on July 7, 2006 to talk about how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are helping them promote their magizine “Code”. Cole has a smaller build than his brother, Dylan, giving people the illusion that Dylan is fatter, but really, they are both quite thin.Cole was nominated for MVP (Most Valuable Player) for week 6 for the Disney Channel Games 2007 for Super Soccer for leading the blue team but didn’t win.He lost to his The Suite Life of Zack and Cody co-star Ashley Tisdale, who was on the red team.The chick flick that Cole secretly loves is “The Notebook”.

Cole’s celebrity crushes are Allesandra Ambrosio and Bar Rafaeli. During the summer of 2009, Cole and Dylan plan to work on The Suite Life on Deck, go to Maui, go camping on Mammoth Mountain, and go to New Jersey.

Cole started to attend to college in the fall of 2010. Cole and Dylan named their dog Bubba, because he is from Tennessee. Cole listens to alternative, rock, rap, hard rock, electronic, and indie music. Cole likes to paint mini figures that you send into battle, called Warhammer figures. Sometimes when Dylan is thinking of a song all day, Cole will pick up on a lyric and start singing it. Cole once flew off a swing in his backyard and landed on his head resulting in a concussion.

Cole lives about an hour away from the Suite Life on Deck set.

One of Cole’s favorite movies is the 1986 version of the Little Shop of Horrors.

Cole says his favorite episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” is Commercial Breaks because of all the action in it. Cole participated in the Dunk Booth competition, but his team only got second place, in the Disney Channel Games.

Both Cole and Dylan stated that are not fans Twilight fans.