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Who is isabella rossellini dating

Most of those were to see Rossellini resplendent with a six-foot whale penis. "And I thought there were already so many wonderful documentaries that already existed but what didn't exist was the combination of animals, science and humour. Rather than being just a straight documentary." It's a new balancing act for the icon.She finished a new series, Mammas, based round the maternal habits of the animal kingdom last year and starred in a new ad campaign for Bulgari's Autumn/Winter handbag line - the Isabella Rossellini Collection.

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A year later, she started a relationship with visionary director David Lynch, who cast her as the enigmatic vamp Dorothy Vallens in the controversial epic Blue Velvet.ET.) Anyway, sorry, we know: less talk, more simulated toad sex.Isabella Rossellini was already due in Cannes to take part in the festival’s tribute to her mother, and to launch her own stage tribute to Ingrid Bergman; now she’s added Un Certain Regard jury president to her Riviera roles.Are you having one of those days where you're like, "Man, I just want to see Isabella Rossellini, wearing Missy Elliot's outfit from the 'The Rain' video, have sex with a giant toad? It's a part of her new Web series for the Sundance Channel called , in each of the new nine shorts, Rossellini dresses up like a different animal and explains a bizarre part of their lives.In honor of Mother's Day, each video looks at "creatures’ rites of passage into motherhood." (Five shorts, not including the toad-grinding below, are live now on Sundance; the rest go live Sunday and air all together on the Sundance Channel Sunday at p.m.In these cases, a model release or other evidence of consent could protect you from infringement claims.

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But it was so successful." Rossellini, now was no longer "daughter of…" She was a supermodel. "A modelling career normally lasts five to eight years and I worked for 25, very actively getting covers and advertisements.

That was very unusual." Hollywood naturally sat up and took notice.

Previously unheard of in a fickle industry obsessed with youth.