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Who is julius malema dating

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“However, we can guarantee you that none of them will do so because these emails and their contents are authentic,” said Malema.

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At a news conference held on Thursday, Malema distributed a document alleging corruption at the parastatal, during the bidding process.She traced a genealogy of Malema’s political power, starting from the moment he led the Congress of South African Students (Cosas) march in Johannesburg in 2002.Shortly after this unruly entry, Malema rose in the ranks of the ANC Youth League and saw himself elected its president in June 2008.Barely three months into this new role, Malema had already proved his ability to read a political climate by being the first to demand the recall of former president Thabo Mbeki in September 2008.As Jacob Zuma’s “useful idiot”, Malema thereafter became the voice that delivered the blows to all who opposed the new president and the youth league that had supported his instatement.The EFF leader claimed the graft amounted to as much as R10-billion.

Malema also said he could confirm the leaked Gupta emails were authentic, and again warned that South Africa had been stolen by a foreign family.

“Malema was really rattling cages and that’s when people realised how powerful he was,” Munusamy added.

Despite growing opposition within the ANC and his eventual dismissal for misconduct, Munusamy sad that “Malema was capturing something in the youth.” His following re-emerged when, after a difficult year of silence and studies in 2012, the magnetic Malema announced the launch of new political party the Economic Freedom Fighters in 2013.

“He was like an automatic weapon going off in all directions,” Munusamy said.

But it was not long before his criticism, so long allowed to rage unchecked, turned on the ruling party itself.

The Gupta email leaks allege that the Gupta family, with the help of several politicians, laundered millions from South Africa to India.