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Who is morris chestnut dating 2016

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Rosewood and Villa make it their mission to seek justice for a murder victim who is an ex-con with ties to a Little Haiti gang.Meanwhile, Villa struggles with dreams she's been having, and Rosewood deals with an unexpected turn in his relationship with Kat.

Rosewood's partnership with Villa faces an uncertain future when she's paired with a recent transfer to the East Miami PD with whom she shares a past.He must contend with a colorful new adversary, escalating health problems and a burgeoning romantic relationship, while Villa's inability to connect with people hampers her own ability to investigate the case.When Rosewood and Villa suspect a brilliant doctor has killed two of his patients, they must find a way to make their case with limited evidence.Meanwhile, Donna intervenes when Pippy decides to give TMI's absentee mother a piece of her mind.Plus, the Chief position is Hornstock's, if he is willing to pay a stiff price.Hornstock forces Villa to pick a new partner and she immediately clashes with the one assigned to her.

After learning she cost Hornstock the Chief job, Villa tries to make herself less of a liability, which reveals a surprising pattern in her life.

When TMI's ex-fiancé, FBI Detective Heath Casablanca, joins the hunting party, he threatens to sabotage Pippy and TMI's relationship.

Heath also butts heads with Hornstock, who stands to take over as police chief if he can catch the killer.

This forces him to work with new Miami Police Detective Annalise Villa, who has relocated back after the death of her husband.

When an unexpected piece of evidence surfaces in the 305, Rosewood and Villa attempt to solve a serious crime involving a very well-off Miami man.

Meanwhile, an impending lawsuit against Rosewood threatens the lifeline of Magic City Lab and forces Donna to take a long hard look at the way her son lives his life.