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Kevin has also cut out the ceilings of the vans (and replaced them with some fancy material) so that guests can see out the tops of the vans at the storms above.The vans are also rigged for Wifi and have power throughout, so guests can bring laptops, i Pads, etc to keep themselves occupied.

Guests will have the Possibility to meet with Reed Timmer, star of the Discovery series Storm Chasers and the online series Tornado Chasers.The reviews here have been validated, meaning that the reviewer has proven that he or she participated in the actual tour.Name: Kyle Hetherington Tour: Tour is not registered Year: 2017 The tour was excellent. They were amazing at forecasting (we hit the storm of the day every single day we chased) It was honestly the best 2 weeks of my life being there with them. They were very safety conscious at all times especially when on tornadic storms The forecasting by the guides was incredible.And they weren't overfilled they gave everyone a lot of space to stretch out.Comment on this review Name: M Tour: Tour is not registered Year: 2017 Tour was awesome.They obviously can't control the weather, but they were very knowledgeable about getting us in the right place to have a chance, and making sure we had other activities when there weren't storms. Guides were very knowledgeable and friendly, and always made sure guests were taken care of. Vehicles were safe, comfortable, and had conveniences like satellite radio and 120v outlets for charging phones.

Hotels were all comfortable, and no problems at all. Comment on this review Name: Mark Antonson Tour: Tour is not registered Year: Tour was awesome.

In 2013 we hit the jackpot weather-wise, and we saw 7 tornadoes, ranging from small and weak to the El Reno tornado.

During El Reno, it was obvious how concerned the guides were, and they did their utmost to ensure our safety while doing interviews with tv/news stations to warn others. Dave Holder is the resident meteorologist on tour, and is kind, funny, extremely knowledgable, and has the tour guest's comfort and wishes at the top of his priority list.

Not only do you see amazing storms, but you learn a lot of information from the guides and make life-long friends. In 2012 we had a slow year weather-wise, but the guides worked their tails of to get us to anything worthy of chasing.

We all enjoyed it so much that 8 of the 12 of us returned in 2013 together (the other 4 had life reasons, ie babies being born, getting married, not able to get time off work).

Shanda, the lone female tour guide, is the utmost professional.