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Who is ryan higa dating

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Sure, his videos are more professional and better quality, but the idea and feeling behind each video is still the same. He is one of the most creative minds on You Tube I mean, who else could pull off Darude -- "Sandstorm" with just his voice and some video-editing skills?

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It's not just music videos but features a range of videos from skits, gaming videos to reaction videos.He's always humble and lets the other person have just as much role in his videos as he does. The games he invents On the Higa TV channel, Ryan and his friends play a lot of games like "Crossy Road," "Agario," and "Spyfall." However, there are other games that they have invented for themselves.My favorite is Parkourse, which is a combination of the basketball game Horse and Parkour.He hasn't changed over the years Ryan Higa started on You Tube when he was 16, making short amateur comedic skits with his best friend.Over the years, even after gaining millions of subscribers, he's still the same goofy guy.He has the best team Ryan has the most supportive team.

They consist of his best friends, Sean, Will, Derek and Greg, and call themselves the RHPC (Ryan Higa Production Company). He shows immense love for his fans Ryan's fans, or lamps, as we like to call ourselves, are the most loyal fans in the world. Every once in a while, he uploads a video called "Tee Hee Time" on his channel Higa TV, where he and his friends open up all the gifts that fans have sent them.

He has two channels, nigahiga, which has comedic skits, and Higa TV, which features behind-the-scenes footage and unscripted games.

In my opinion, he's the best You Tuber ever because:1.

For each episode, they go on to different locations and do different stunts.

Another game is I Dare You, where Ryan and his friends and some guest You Tube stars complete the dares of the viewers.

This twenty something You Tuber is originally from Hilo, Hawaii and is now currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada where he lives with his frequent collaborator Sean Fujiyoshi.