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Wong zi and ya tou dating

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This is also the order of how I listed the foods below.Below is a list of the 52 foods mentioned in the deck with my meager descriptions, plus the recommended places to get them as listed in the accompanying guide.

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I can't vouch for the map being 100 percent accurate in case places have moved or closed.If you want to visit a specific place, I recommend double checking its location and opening hours before you go.Note that many of the recommendations are in night markets and may only be open at night.Gold stars shrivel up and die.] (小吃), snack-sized dishes including noodles, dumplings, soups, desserts, and more.Many of these dishes originally come from China, while some are distinctly Taiwanese and combine a variety of influences.I labeled each food with its Mandarin pronunciation in pinyin.

In cases where the food is better known by its Taiwanese name, I wrote the romanized Taiwanese instead of pinyin and labeled it with "TW".

The TW links to the name's corresponding entry in a Taiwanese dictionary where you can listen to its pronunciation.

Because most of the recommended places do not have English names, I "translated" all the names into pinyin.

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Gains false confidence that five minutes of watching You Tube videos has magically imbued me with the skills of a decades-old street vendor.