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“Hey there…” The simple greeting is one Princeton resident and dating app co-creator Kevin Trainor hopes will link lovers and friends.

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Instead of sending screenshot after screenshot to seek guidance from a pal about an online dating conversation, it also makes it easy to keep your trusted friends in the loop whenever you chose to seek their help.All afternoon, at the 25th annual Dyke March celebration in Dolores Park, women approached Robyn Exton to thank her for helping them meet.Exton is the founder of HER, a popular dating app for queer women.PEORIA — In separate incidents, online dating scams targeted two Peoria County men, including one taken for $1,300, police said. 13, a 27-year-old rural Peoria man told the Peoria County Sheriff's Office that on the dating app Plenty of Fish he had met a woman purportedly 30 years old.The two made plans for a sexual rendezvous at a car wash, but she did not show, according to a police report.“I think, in the most basic sense, helping people find love is the biggest way to give them a sense of security,” she said.

She and her team were celebrating Pride Weekend with cold drinks under a tent set up on the grassy slope.

The man told Tom he was calling police and did not send any money.

In the two cases, the suspects named Tom went by different surnames.

If the recipient chooses not to respond, the messenger will be unable to contact that user. When looking through dating profiles of potential romantic candidates or friends, Hey There shows users mutual connections via a link to his/her Facebook profile.

The user, if they chose, can invite that person to be his/her winger which gives the user the choice of having a wingman or wingwoman view communications with a match (without the match knowing).

The following day, Tom asked for $700, but the man "had run out of money and was tired of sending money when he'd done nothing wrong," the report stated.