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Zac farro dating

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Bree Doldron: First of all, congratulations on your new EP! The Entire experience from writing to preforming/recording was so unforgettable and will go down in history for me as such a special time.

In New Zealand everyone would have real jobs, so you couldn't hang out all the time. You know man, I kinda thought about that throughout this whole time.Also like the time we went to Paris also seemed like another New Zealand because of the people we met there.I definitely want to go and record the next Halfnoise album there.So Nashville will always be this home kind of place, but it definitely feels small at times, it definitely feels like it has its limits. It's kinda difficult, because not only do I now play in Paramore again and heave to get into full-time touring, but you know I thought about it cause it'd be cool.The only thing keeping me from doing that is that this way I get to keep the creative freedom and I think just need that with it, and I definitely have people who I play live with that I really want to keep playing with me, but I think I'll just keep it as my solo thing.I also felt really connected to old French music too, which made me connect to that place and man, you should listen to the French pop playlist on Spotify, it's so cool, it's like all these amazing old French pop songs and it's so dope. and I'm like "Damn, I could definitely move here," and then I come back home and it's like I could never leave, 'cos there's just so many cool people there.

What's your relationship to Nashville like, what's your relationship with home? My favorite thing is to just hang with people, just be around people, just hanging around and having a laugh.

Since you've been touring and travelling since you were 13, have there been any other places on the road you connected to as strongly as you did with New Zealand? Los Angeles has become this really cool place for me.

I recorded Sudden Feeling there and this last trip to the UK, especially in Leeds it was like so cool.

What Portland, Oregon's Blitzen Trapper does is not particularly original, but they do it damn well.

Their influences are seemingly all over the place – I hear traces of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, the Band, Bob Seger and even some Mark Knopfler in their sound – but the result doesn't come off as derivative.

I wonder what other movie directors have inspired you?