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His friend Stanley Baker, who plays Lieutenant John Chard in the film, was happy to join the venture.

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The American director, Cy Endfield, was probably responsible for such artistic licence.Against all the odds, 150 British and colonial soldiers (about 40 of them hospital patients) fought off a fearsome army of 4,000 Zulu warriors.To the Victorians, it confirmed their every prejudice: brave British underdogs in red tunics had triumphed over terrifying African savages, whose women didn’t even cover their breasts! Yes, that’ll be the thundering sound of thousands of Zulu assegai (stabbing spears) slamming down on cowhide shields. To answer that question properly, you need to pass this test first. 2) Can you name at least half of the 11 Victoria Cross winners in the film (by their nicknames where possible) without resorting to Google?3) Have you ever found yourself stirred to ridiculous feelings of patriotism by John Barry’s magnificent film score on the morning commute?Zulu – released 50 years ago this week – is a film about a glorious British myth.

And that glorious myth goes like this: the Battle of Rorke’s Drift in 1879 was the British Empire’s finest hour – even finer, perhaps, than the Battle of Britain, 60 years later.

He had been blacklisted in the US as a “Communist” in the early Fifties.

So he came to work in Britain and – having chanced upon an article about Rorke’s Drift – relished the idea of turning it into an epic film.

Men of Harlech – the song belted out by our heroes during the film’s climax – evokes similar themes of battle. “The haughty foe surrounding.” The British had rifles, of course, but they were outnumbered by about 25 to one. ” And yet they vanquished the enemy – killing hundreds of Zulus and forcing them, eventually, to abandon the attack.

In a way, it’s extraordinary that this exciting story was filmed as late as the Sixties.

“Hookie” redeems himself by saving the lives of the patients there and, in doing so, earns a VC.